Clone Any Wordpress Site in 1 Click Without
Plugins, Scripts, CPanel or WP Admin

New Super Easy Wordpress Site Cloner For The PC

Backup Tools Often Fail To Restore Sites
To Another Host/Domain

Because of Differences in Configuration & Site Settings

Have you ever noticed that restoring Wordpress backups no matter what tool you use is NOT so easy especially if you change hosts... & almost prone to failure if you want to restore a backup on another domain.

This is because many of the links in your Worpress database are still pointing to your old domain.

Even a CPanel Backup Won't Get You Out Of Jail

CPanel Backups are Built for Same Domain Restores

Even if you use good old faithful Cpanel backup...if you want to restore that backup on another domain you'll end up with a broken site.

Which is why many webmasters use cloning tools. These apps rewrite your database enteries & take care of the link issues

Most Cloners Need Installation & Technical Configuration

Current Cloning Solutions are Complicated

No matter what cloning plugin you use you will be forced to do some kind of installation on both sites & you will almost certainly have to do some techical configuration steps

Why Waste Time Cloning Sites in 6 Seperate Steps?

Surely The Point of Automation is To Make Life Easier

Essentially what should be a simple processs of clone one site to the other makes you into an employee of your own business.

Right now you have to 6 steps to clone a site:

Step1 - Install Plugin
Step2 - Configure Plugin
Step3 - Make Clone Image
Step4 - Upload Clone Image & Script
Step5 - Run Restore Script
Step6 - Run Permalink Scripts

Now thats hardly easy or time efficient & all sorts of things usually go wrong in the process.

But, until now if you wanted to clone a site - that was your procedure

Cloning Allows You to Rapidly Grow Your Business

Duplicate Your Best Performing Sites Fast!

Why bother cloning at all?

Unless you like the idea of manually installing sites, installing themes/plugins, writing standard pages & configuring your payment processors one by one... then your other option is to clone.

Most webmasters make default sites for each project & then clone thse sites to a new domain.

So cloning is a way for webmasters to shortcut the new site build process, save a whole pile of time snd make more profit in the process.

But, Most Site Cloning Software is Expensive

...& Yet It's Still Complicated to Use

WP Master Clone - 99% Less Work Than Other Cloners

Just Enter Your Site Login Details & Press Go!

New Generation Site Cloning Technology

Faster & Easier Wordpress Site Cloning

Clone Wordpress Sites Directly From Your PC

Without Touching Plugins, Scripts Or Logins

How Doesit Work?

The process is actually incredibly simple:

1 You fill in your WP Login Details for both the source & destination site - a blank Wordpress destination site is required

...& you press go!

This is where WP Master clone automation processes take over take control of both sites...

A Site image is created locally - then once completed the cloe process starts the restore & reconfiguration process on the destination site...Once the process is complete the site image is wiped to free up the spce on your server.

Grow Your Business With The Easiest & Fastest
Worpress Site Cloner On the Planet...

...& Save Hours in Labour + $100's on Other Tools

  • New Site Cloning Technology
  • No Need To Install Plugins
  • No Need To Login to WP Admin
  • Real Time Site To Site Cloning
  • For Most WP Cloning Projects
  • PC Software
  • Designed for Wordpress 4.x
  • Easy To Follow Training Videos

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Q What is the site cloning limit?
WP Master Clone will do 99% of small to medium sized sites. We have a large site cloning feature in our pro upgrade for those people who need to clone very large sites.
Q Does it work on a Mac?
WP Master Clone is windows only software, but will run well under Parallels or VMWare.
Q How Reliable is it?
WP Master Clone is extremely reliable as it relies on time tested technology and methods. WP Master Clone will clone 99% of small to medium sized sites without issue.
Q Can I use this for client sites?
WP Master Clone is for personal use only. If you wish to use the software for client sites, you can purchase the pro upgrade which grants you this right.
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