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Protect All Your Sites With The Most Powerful Global Security Network

The Problem.. Is the Growing Volume Of Attacks By Malicious Bots, Scrapers & Other Nasties

Like it or not, on every site you own, over half your bandwidth is wasted on a non-stop barrage of garbage traffic.

Not only does this cost you in bandwidth bills, but it results in slow, unresponsive sites for your visitors.

Most webmasters simply accept this daily nuisance which until now, they have had little or no power to stop.

This traffic has three negative effects:
1. It slows down your site for genuine visitors
2. Massively increases the risk of your site breaking
3. It costs you significantly as your site grows

Too Much Bad Traffic And Your Site Grinds To A Halt, Costing $$$ In Lost Sales & Conversions

This Is A REAL Traffic Snapshot Of One Of My Sites For One Day:

Despite Having No Customers From Russia Or Venezuela, They Consumed The Bulk Of My Traffic

FACT: Google Penalises you for Slow Load Speeds

Ask any SEO and they will tell you how important site speed is for SEO rankings.

Slow loading sites will almost certainly not be able to get top rankings, as Google prioritizes quality and user experience.

The more load your site is under, the slower it runs.

All that unwanted traffic therefore has a significant impact on your rankings.

Too Many Similar Sites = Google Penalty

Ask any SEO and they will tell you, that if you bulk build affiliate sites and host them all on the same server... You're up for a manual review by Google.

As soon as Google know what you're up to, they'll immediately penalize all your sites.

They do this without warning, costing your all your income overnight.

Recovery from this is next to impossible and all you can really do is pray.

Why Cisco, Nasdaq & The Whitehouse + 5,000 New Sites Are Switching To This FREE Security Service Every Day

Solution: Protect Your Sites With Cloudflare & Filter Out Scumbags, Scrapers & Bots Instantly

Over 500,000 sites have switched to CloudFlare to take advantage of the huge security and performance benefits it provides.

It's like having your own private security army and defence walls protecting your site 24 x 7.

However, most site owners struggle to make sense of the vast configuration options that must be set up to properly secure their sites.

Because of this, the service has mainly been used by geeks and large corporations.. leaving small business owners trying to fend off the hordes of bots.

...But It Requires Knowledge, Time & Complicated Settings

Country blocking? Caching? DNS? Protection Level? Crypto? SSL? ScrapeShield? Page Rules? HTTP Strict Transport Security? Response Buffering?

Only a geek would know what all this nonsense is all about!

It's just too hard...

Get just one setting wrong, and at best, you're unprotected, at worst, your sites doesn't work anymore.

Even experienced webmasters struggle trying to comprehend all this jargon and overly techy stuff.

In reality, who has the time to learn this on top of building your business and running your sites.

Traffic Shield Sets Up All Your Sites On CloudFlare For You Using The Best Settings

With Time Tested Rules Developed On 2,000 Sites For Over Two Years

Traffic Shield uses time tested rules and configuration that gives your site the best performance and security.

Traffic Shield is auto configured to block and challenge the biggest pest countries by default.

Traffic Shield also applies a blocklist of known traffic hogs and pests so you don't need to do anything.

Your sites will run faster and use less site resources in the process.

All this translates to faster load speeds for your visitors, higher Google rankings and more secure sites.

Save Hours, Technical Headaches & Protect
All Your Sites At Once In Just A Few Clicks

Whether you've got one site or one hundred - Traffic Shield can configure them all for you in one click.

Simply input all your sites, click "Create Accounts", then update your domain registrar once it's all finished.

No downtime ever while switching over to Traffic Shield. Your sites will be instantly protected.

Every required setting that would hours to do by hand is automatically configured for you on all your sites.

Auto Blocks Bad Traffic & Bots

Traffic Shield automatically sets up "Bad Traffic" blocking.

Whilest your sites are under CloudFlare, you will get unparalleled protection from known and new pests.

The service automatically monitors behaviour and blocks or challenges suspect visitors.

Traffic Shield has an additional list of known culprets and traffic hogs which are also excluded for you automatically.

Instantly Speed Up Your Sites By Up To 100% & Boost Your Google Rankings

Traffic Shield configured a powerful feature in CloudFlare that automatically distributes copies of your website all around the world.

This serves as a major benefit because when your site is accessed, it is delivered from the closest possible datacenter, massively cutting down the load time.

As an additional benefit, Traffic Shield reduces your processor and database load, instantly delivering a ready version of your pages.

Google favors faster loading sites, so any speed increase to your site will improve your rankings.

Secure All Your Sites Using The Most Powerful
Anti-DDoS Network On The Planet

No Complexity, No Fuss, No Plugin Clashes, No More Bad Traffic

Traffic Shield Does All The Hard Work For You

  • Blocks scrapers, bots & DDoS Attacks
  • Boost SEO score via improved site speed
  • DNS redundancy for Maximum Uptime
  • Avoid Google Reverse DNS Penalties
  • Speed up your sites by up to 100%
  • Reduce your server loads by up to 80%
  • Autoblock & challenge bad countries
  • Supports Win XP,7,8,10 (MAC on Parallels)

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Q Will my site go down when I switch to CloudFlare?
No. Not even for a second... the changeover is seamless. CloudFlare takes care of the process.
Q What about software clashes?
No software is installed on your website of server... We use a PC software to talk to Cloudflare... unlike conventional security there is no risk of site/server software clashes...
Q What happens to genuine visitors from blocked countries?
All traffic from blocked countries is presented with a challenge like captcha ... genuine visitors will pass the challenge and are able to visit your site unhindered.
Q How Reliable is it?
The service has been running since 2009 & has grown currently operates on 37 data centres... short of a mass terror attack or a global extinction event ... the service cannot go down. The service now has over 500,000 users including Nasdaq, Cisco, & the Whitehouse & is growing by 5000 sites per day.
Q What about big DDOS attacks on Cloudflare?
Unlike a conventional datacentre/hosting who have limited hardware to deal with big DDOS... Cloudflare can disperse these attacks via multiple data centres & weather big data storms. Our OTO will help you deal with these even better.
Q What if hackers want to DDoS my site?
In the unlikely event that you actually annoy a hacker or your site is deliberately being sabotaged - we have an upsell product which allows your site/s to run in "defensive mode" until the attack is over...
Q What if Traffic Shield stops working?
We have built & supported software for over 10 years... in the unlikely event we drop dead & software stops working ... you can still login to Cloudflare using your login & control all your sites from there.
Q Does Traffic Shield need to be running for my sites to be protected?
No. You only need to use Traffic Shield to configure your sites under CloudFlare. Once this is completed the software can be turned off.
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