How To Instantly Defend Against DDoS Attacks & Deal With Problem Hosts

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Your Sites Can Come Under Attack At Any Moment

Without Warning, One Of Our Best Earning Sites Came Under Attack From An Unknown Foe...

... If Left Unmanaged, We Would Have Lost $1,000's

Traffic Shield Security Manager allows you to rapidly combat major DDoS attacks in seconds.

It allows you to protect all of your sites at the same time, as often attackers will attack many of your sites at the same time.

To respond to this without this software would require you to manually change the security thread level on every single site before you are protected.

There's a distinct possibility that you may forget to turn this off, resulting in some genuine customers being challenged.

Manage The Security Level On ALL Your Sites At Once

Quickly Change Your Host On The Fly

Like it or not, soonner or later, you're going to need to switch hosts.

Either because there's a problem with service delivery or there's a problem with customer service.

At that point, you would have the painful task of logging into every single site and updating the DNS records.

With Traffic Shield IP Manager, you can do all this in just one click, giving you total management control of all your websites.

Instantly Switch Hosts On First Sign Of Trouble

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