Get 5 Upgrades for the Price of 1...

The Best Backup & Cloning Features Combined

Upgrade 1 - Clone Big Sites Without Timeout Errors

With added FTP Functions To Override Classic Big Site Timeouts

One of the biggest problems with any cloning software is that 99% disclaim themselves from cloning big sites.

Big sites fail because of the length of time data takes to transfer between sites & PHP/MySQL scripts time out... this breaks the clone...

WP Master Clone Pro uses a well known FTP workaround which frees up the scripts & allows the site to clone.

Upgrade 2 - Save & Restore Cloning Images

It Even Cleans Your Cloned Site's Database

To give you the best of both cloning software & backup software we have built in the option for you to save and restore your cloning images.

This gives you an off-line backup of all your Wordpress sites that you can use on any host/domain - a perfect disaster recovery solution

To make your restored sites even faster we have added a database cleaning process which will strip out redundant enteries...

Upgrade 3 - Install Wordpress Remotely

Connects to Your Cpanel to Install WP Sites Without Login

An exclusive new feature for WP Master Clone Pro users is the ability to install Wordpress remotely without needing to log into CPanel.

This cuts down a huge amount of workload over time as you dont have to login & go through all the Cpanel menus to deploy a site the conventional way.

The only requirement here is is that your host runs Cpanel template x3 or Paper Laterna versions (current versions).

Configuration instructions are provided in our support FAQ's

Upgrade 4 - Developers License

WP Master Clone Pro also comes with a developers license. So you can use the product on both your own & your client' sites s

As this version can be used for both backup & cloning - it's perfect for building a monthly recurring income for site backuo services

Companies charge $100's per month per client to provide website disaster recovery and prevention services

This is the perfect tool for the job.

Upgrade 5 - 5 PC Licencse

Nowadays we all have extra PC's & laptops so to give you total flexibility of operation you can install this software on up to 5 devices

Don't forget that you can install this product on your employee's workstations and of course your VA's - the product is so simple that anyone can take backups of all your sites for you.

This is perfect for any small to medium size business

Special Offer: 5 Upgrades For The Price Of 1

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