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Vulnerability Alerts, Scumbag Blocking, Developers Rights & More...

1. Live Vulnerability Alerts - Early Warning System

Scans All Your Plugins & Themes For Vulnerabilities Daily

Currently there is no way of knowing if the plugins or themes you are using have known vulnerabilities... Even if you are a security expert you would need to constantly check your site for vulnerabilities... which is an insane amount of work.

WP Site Guardian Pro constantly scans your pugins/themes & checks these against the current vulnerability database for problems... If & when a vulnerability is found an alert will be sent to you via email...

This allows you to deal with problems even before hackers spot them - thus adding a pro-active level of security for all your sites... there is nothing like it on the market right now.

2. Smart Firewall - Auto Blocks Known Scumbags

Boots The Biggest Scumbags, Spammers, Bots & Scrapers Automatically

There is a communal list of scumbags, spammers, fake bots & scrapers which is updated by the security industry daily but, unless you have an expensive firewall or are prepared to manually update your htaccess ever day... you can't make use of it.

To eliminate this nefarious traffic we've added a powerful SMART firewall to WP Site Guardian Pro which pulls down the communal IP Blocklist daily & blocks these idiots automatically.

As this list is auto updated, your site will be updated too so you'll always be blocking the latest & biggest troublemakers automatically.

Needless to say this will keep your site much safer & faster in the process

3. Developers Rights - Make $1000's Recurring

Make Recurring Income Securing Sites for others - HANDS FREE

WP Site Guardian Pro comes with a Developers License so you can use the plugin on your clients sites. There are 73 million WP sites that are wide open to exploits right now so there is a huge market & plenty of money to be made.

We recommend you charge a monthly fee for implementing & maintaining site security for others.

Our Commercial Security Guide included in this product will show you how to secure sites for clients, so you'll get everything you need to get started.

100 clients paying $40/month for site maintenance & security = $48,000 recurring & you can automate almost everything so it works 99% hands free - we'll show you how.

4. Price Lock - Get Fixed Lowest Price For Life

Guaranteed Lowest Annual Renewal Rates (Optional)

This product is on launch pricing right now. We will be putting the prices up over time not just to make profit but to invest more in R & D so we can keep your sites safer from hackers.

For a limited time only we are offering the 100 site pro upgrade at a huge discount - you'll get the 100 site upgrade license for less than we would normally charge for 1 license.

We're also offering the option for you to lock in the lowest annual renewal price if you wish.

Should you choose this option your price will be fixed no matter what we charge in the future & you won't need to buy the standard version ever again ... it's all included.

Get Instant Alerts About Site Vulnerabilities
Less Attacks, Less Scumbags & Pay Less For Life

+ Get Developers License

WP Site Guardian Pro upgrade is a pro-active anti-vulnerability & intruder management solution. Rather than dealing with problems as they happen the software additionaly manages risks before they become a problem. The plugin automatically scans all your plugins + themes & makes you aware of any vulnerabilities discovered.

This allows you to make any necessary changes to your/your clients websites such as replacing a vulnerable plugin before any attack

The software also bans known pests reported by the security community. This is the 1st proactive security product on the market

  • Auto Scans All Plugins & Themes
  • Emails When Vulnerabilities Found
  • Auto Updating Anti-Scumbag Firewall
  • Developers License
  • Zero Setup - Works when Enabled

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